Thursday, March 17, 2011

Springtime, Photo Props, Winners, and Blog Hop Giveaways, OH MY!

Lots to cover in this here post!!  First... I can't believe it's spring already! This year is already flying by at warp speed--and the bluebonnets are blooming!!  Check out this little cutie I took pictures of today!

I was so excited to finally use one of my props I bought last year!  And he was only sitting on it for about 2 seconds, so I'm pretty proud of this one. haha.

Ok, I've been SO slow announcing the winners of my Birthday giveaway... and I'm SO sorry.  I am just having the hardest time deciding because all of your ideas sound fun.  But I've definitely decided to give someone a new banner, and someone a new button--so there will be two winners!! I'll try to have this figured out soon!!

And for those of you interested in snagging a SIGNED copy of Across the Universe by Beth Revis, head over to BOOKRUSHED because we are part of a super fun giveaway hop!  AND scroll down to a previous post to see about unfollowing/refollowing to correct our feed in your reader. We had some issues before, which have since been resolved, but it may require a correct unfollow/refollow from you if you were following us before the fix!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone--be safe!!


  1. Such a cute bluebonnet/St. Patrick's day pic! Just adorable.

  2. That is a most beautiful photo. It must have been a wonderful feeling knowing you got him to sit still long enough to capture a perfect memory :D

  3. What a cutie!!! (Love the prop by the way!!!!)

  4. Super cute pic! And I'm crossing my fingers that I might get a new button :)

  5. Yes he's a cutie! Thanks, all :)

  6. ah, that's a cute picture, you've managed to catch his cuteness!