Friday, April 29, 2011

But Prince William was Already Married... To Me...

I'll admit it, I had a slight crush on Prince William when I was about 16. He's only a year older than me, and what girl doesn't think about being a princess at least ONCE in her life?

But I managed to snag my own prince, and believe it or not, he actually looks quite a bit like William.

It's the hairline, it's the nose... and they have the same smile when they laugh. There are several photos I've seen of William plastered on magazines and book covers that actually made me do a double-take. One thing they definitely don't have in common though... the accent. Handy just canNOT fake an English accent for the life of him. It always comes out a mix between Australian and South African. 

His family and I have been talking about the resemblance for years. Besides the question of "When are y'all going to start having kids?" (neither of our sets of parents ask that, thank God--they know better--I'm talking about everyone else), "How do you feel about your husband marrying Kate?" has been something I've heard quite a bit lately. 

So, Prince William (the real one), I wish you a lifetime of happiness. It worked out for the best anyway. :::grins:::  

Happy Wedding Day! (can it be a holiday here in the states too, or what?! ;)


  1. How funny! I agree they do have quite the simliarity! How fun is that!!! Guess that crush went through marriage :)

    YAY! I love Weddings and this was so fancy to see today! I loved it!

  2. This is a funny post. I always dreamed of being a prince in shining armor:)

  3. They really DO look a lot alike! :-)

  4. Wasn't the royal wedding great? Your prince looks very nice as well. Funny post!

  5. Oh my goodness! There really is quite a resemblence. Glad you got your prince. :)

    Did your blog get a new look? Or have I been away far too long? Either way, it looks fabulous!

  6. Jen - Funny indeed :)

    Josh - that's a great dream!

    Shannon - teehee :)

    Roxy - The wedding was lovely--can't imagine what was going through Kate's mind the whole time. She probably never dreamed her wedding would be such a big production!

    Jamie - I'm glad too :)

  7. I think I said it before many times, but I'm sure you nor he would mind :) - you really have a super dashing hubs :)

  8. Dude, that's crazy! But so cool! Personally, I've always been Team Harry...but probably just because I tend to go for the wild one. lol

    I may not be British but I still loved watching the royal wedding, and I adored Kate's dress. Hope it makes wedding dresses with sleeves trendy. That would be fab! I'm sick of all the strapless gowns, like legit.

  9. oh, wow! LOL! He does kinda look like Wills... score! :D <3

  10. Love this. And, wow, he really is a doppelganger!

  11. Dezz - thanks :)

    Katie - Harry is adorable, I'll admit! Especially now that he's older.

    LTM - SCORE! :)

    Karen - hahaha. love that.

  12. That's kinda creepy ... in a good way ... lol.