Friday, April 15, 2011

Can't Sleep... Stomach Hurts...

This is what it feels like when a new story idea won't leave you alone. And it's how I feel right now.

On Monday, still enjoying the high from my Teen Book Con experience, I was hit between the eyes with a new story idea. I'm not going to say much about it yet, except that there's a girl, there's a boy, there's another boy, and it's set in Italy. When I went to Italy in 2009, I kept thinking how I'd love to set a story there, but nothing ever came to me. Well, now that it has, it's not leaving. I've written a couple chapters already and I let a few of my homegirls read it to let me know what they think. I can't decide if that was a mistake, or a really good idea. Their overwhelming and unexpected enthusiasm for this new project is exciting, but it's also nerve wracking.

I need to keep reminding myself of WHY I love to write. (And thanks for the reminder, Kim :)
It's not for the sole purpose of getting published one day (though that would be flipping awesome), not to make money (well, it would be nice if it paid SOME bills), not to write a story I think everyone wants to hear. I need to write for ME--the story that I want to read. The kind of book I'd buy at the store after reading the book flap. That's the only way to KEEP enjoying what I'm doing, because I DO enjoy it. I love it.

I love creating! I love making friends (and frenemies) with the characters! I don't want to get so wrapped up in the "what if" (What if I get published! What if I dont...? What if I finish this in 3 weeks?! What if I don't finish it at all...?), because getting anxious about everything is just going to steal my joy.

How about you? Anything exciting in the works? Do you get anxious when your new characters won't leave you alone and let you sleep at night?  


  1. I've felt that same "can't sleep" feeling. It's awesome when a character starts talking to you as you try to fall asleep.

    For the first time ever, I'm contemplating a collaboration with someone. It's a great idea and we have different perspectives on it, so it could turn out really good.

  2. I don't get anxious, per say, but I definitely can't turn off my brain. Even at work, all I think about is the project I'm currently working on. I find my job is suffering slightly!

  3. Anxiety definitely is something that causes me a lot of lost sleep. I agree the what ifs are no good and only cause heartache.

  4. Something about cupcakes comes to mind...

  5. My characters constantly give me insomnia. I wish they'd lay off once a week, ha ha.

  6. I reckon those nights when the inspiration won't let you sleep should be the best ones for you writers :)