Friday, April 1, 2011

It's been a whole week?

I can't believe I haven't blogged in a week!  It's not that I've forgotten I have a blog (and a team blog which I DID forget to make a post for yesterday), I just couldn't really come up with anything.  And I certainly don't want to waste anyone's time with filler posts.  Although, come to think of it, this post is smelling suspiciously of filler.

What can I say to make this worthwhile for you??

I see I'm only NINE followers from 300, and I've decided that to celebrate my milestone with my very first BLOGFEST!!  I won't announce the date or theme until I reach 300, but it will be super fun (and easy!).

Have a great weekend!!  Anything exciting planned?


  1. Ooh a blogfest sounds fabulous. I just realized I haven't blogged since Tuesday I think.

    This weekend...I plan on sorting ornaments for Ebay goodness. I think I'll clean, do some laundry, and maybe pull up the carpet in the downstairs bedroom so we can get ready for tile!

    What are YOU doing?

  2. Yay for a blogfest! Those are always super fun :)

  3. Wahoo!!! You're getting even closer. Congrats!!!

  4. I'll be follower 295! I love blogfests! I'm having a contest over at my blog today. Stop by for the chance to win some great ARCs and books!

  5. YAY welcome #295!! :) I'll be sure to pop over to your blog and say hello!

  6. Time goes so fast, Kristin Rae. Sometimes it's hard to fit everything in. Congrats on the followers milestone and the upcoming blogfest.