Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Year on Etsy

Well, it's been a slow start for me on Etsy. I've officially had my store up for a year now, and have only made two sales (better than none, I know). So, as fellow consumers of handmade products on Etsy, what are some things that you might be tempted to buy from a photographer? Here are some things I've been considering adding to the shop.

  • Prints (obviously... because that's all I have on there so far :)
  • Notecards (blank on the inside with a photo on the front)
  • Bookmarks (maybe a series of 4 in a pack?)
Any of these sound appealing? Any other ideas of things I could try to do with my images?

If you haven't been to my Etsy store in a while, check it out. I've recently added some new prints.


  1. I like the calendars and mugs idea. It would also be nice to do T-Shirts.

  2. The prints are gorgeous. All those other things sound great! The small stuff is good if people can't afford a print and want to get post cards. I like the calendar and magnets idea- and bookmarks.

  3. Calendars, definitely. I buy a ton of them for Christmas and birthdays, it's so easy to choose a subject which is dear to that person, and everyone I know uses 2 or 3 (kitchen, work space, and the kids have them in their rooms as well).