Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Technological Age. And the Wonder that is Netflix Mobile.

A couple of days ago, I was watching an old black and white movie with Bob Hope and Lucille Ball, and something Bob said made me laugh out loud. I don't remember it word for word, but it went kind of like this: "We're in the age of technology. I'm only allowed to talk to my kids during commercials."

Oh, if he only knew what was coming...

We look at the way of life fifty years ago as borderline primitive compared to the conveniences we have today.  Every third person has an iPhone, a Blue Tooth in their ear, several home computers, several televisions (now in 3-D!), wireless internet, internet in general, thousands of television channels...  I'm going to venture to say that THIS is the age of technology. We've been trained for constant stimulation. We can't sit idle for two minutes without whipping out our phones and to play Angry Birds to pass the time, or we're too lazy to cook so we buy frozen meals and heat them up with controlled waves (not gonna lie, microwaves FREAK me out. I don't use ours much). Instant gratification is the order of the day.

I guess I don't have a real point here, except that no matter how advanced we are in the present, there's always something more crazy around the corner. Bob Hope's character could only speak with his children during commercials. Well today we fast forward through them, so when do kids talk to their parents now?

Here's one technological advancement I'm in love with. Netflix for the iPhone... I completely forgot about it until today, and let me tell you how much faster three miles goes when you're watching a movie!

What technologies of today do you love?  For me this week, it's Netflix, earbuds small enough to fit in my tiny ears, and the EFX machine at the gym!


  1. Oh yes, the EFX machine + the Kindle.
    TiVo. Being able to pause shows. No more sprinting to the bathroom during commericals. ;)
    Smart phones. Love/ hate being able to be reached from everywhere.

  2. I'm with Kristin: my Kindle!!! :) I'm also in love with my laptop, Godric. (Yes, as in Gryffindor. lol) Umm...I could live without everything else, I guess. Wait, no! HULU! I'm never able to watch TV shows when they actually come on, so I always watch them online. Amazing invention :)

  3. I love technology. I can't imagine writing an entire novel on an old typewriter (tried it when I was a teen and it blew). Creating one copy and then trying to find a mimeograph machine so I had another copy to send for submission. Trying to locate other writers so we could sit in a room once a month and talk about writing. :shudder: Now I can write, fix my errors, rewrite, print out as many copies as I need (or none at all thanks to e-queries), and talk to as many other writers as I want on a daily basis. Love it, love it. =o)

  4. *waves* New 'really awesome' person here.

    Great post.

    I remember a time when a cell phone was the size of a 12 inch ruler and had to be especially outfitted for the car! haha

  5. What a way to put it in perspective!

    My favorite form of technology would have to be internet on the phone. Nothin compares to being able to get ahead of your work while you aren't behind a desk:)

  6. *sigh* I have a love hate relationship with technology. It saddens to me to look around a restaurant and see more than half the people on their phones instead of talking to the people sitting at the table with them. But I do love how convenient my phone makes communicating with my long distance peeps.

  7. Hey, I just wanted to let you know I gave you an award:)

  8. This is a fabulous post. I miss this. I'm trying to get back on the wagon!