Thursday, June 9, 2011

Five years ago, I could have, no problem

I love going to see authors on book tours. LOVE it. I leave with a new wave of inspiration after hearing about their publishing story, their writing process, what they're working on now. And while I feel like I can't wait to get to that point, to be on my own author tour one day and meet readers face to face, I realized something. I never ask questions at author events.

It's not that I don't come up with anything to ask, it's that I know as soon as I open my mouth to speak and all eyes are on me, my face becomes a tomato. My face will turn red if I even just THINK about the idea for too long. And I used to be in a band! I SANG in front of people every weekend for YEARS. I've done weddings! Summer camps! Even a funeral.

Another fear I have about being an author one day and making appearances, is that I don't feel smart enough. Why does having an overactive brain that likes to make up stories qualify me as an authority on anything? I don't feel like I'm very deep. I always got lost in that part of literature class... digging out the deeper meaning. You mean, it's not just a story about kids stranded on an island killing each other?? What does an animal farm have to do with the government?? Not my kinds of stories.

If there's some major philosophical message that someone picks out of one of my stories, chances are that I didn't put it in there on purpose. So don't ask me questions about it, because I will turn red. haha. And I realize this is a VERY premature fear, seeing as how I'm not even done with the first draft of my WIP and there is always a very real possibility that it won't ever go anywhere. But I can't help asking the what ifs.

What about you? Worried about that possible author signing one day? Worried that they'll expect too much from you?


  1. Well then sweetie, you and I just have to get signed by the same publisher, at the same time so we can tour together. I can totally make things at ease for you. You will be able to do it. Just tell your fans what you just told us here. THey'll love you for your honesty and humility.

    On a side note, LOVE the blog. Did this look like this the other day when I stopped by? It looks great and I love the "Get Social" and the sweet bird and signature. It's like you're in my design head and picked my favorite patterns, images and color scheme. Any way, really cute. I'm feeling I need a change me blog....hmmm.

  2. I agree with Dana. Just be honest and the fans will love you. :) Plus, if you turn red they will also think you're adorable.

  3. I totally think about my author signing, and how I'll say "like" and "um" so many times. Sigh. But then I remember that I'm not judgmental at author signings, so maybe my audience won't be, either!