Monday, June 6, 2011

A Wee Bit More Professional

Yes I changed my blog once again! This makes what, the third time just in 2011?? As long as I don't get bored of it too quickly, this should stay for a while. I wanted something a bit more pro looking, and less bloggy. There are even tabs along the top!

I made the background and header, and Kim helped me with all the technical layout stuff cause she ROCKS!! And she just redesigned her blog as well, so you'll have to pop over and take a look.

The downside... the switch over erased by blog roll widgets, so I have to manually add them back in. I've added some of the authors and agents I follow, but I had around 100 other blogging friends listed, so it's going to take me a while to get them back up. o_O

 Back to work!

Lunedi felice :)


  1. I like this blue color a lot, but I did like the previous layout better :) It was easier to read.
    Why are you suddenly talking Italian? :))

  2. ha. There's no suddenly about it. I've been crushing on Italy for years, and more especially since I went in 2009 :)

  3. Nice look. I really like the blue brown tones.

  4. Well I'm loving what you've done with the place and at least around these parts I know I'll never get bored!!!

    Oh you also showed me that Stephanie Perkins newest novel has cover art which officially made my night.

    Always made of awesome aren't you?

  5. Ooh, I love it!! That's awesome you made your header by yourself! Gorgey!

  6. I think I've changed mine about 3 times this year too :) I went for the more professional look this time around as well! Just in case.

  7. Love the blue and brown! ;P

  8. It looks lovely. Very professional. =o)