Monday, June 13, 2011

When Blogging Buddies Meet Part II - And Dark Days of Supernatural Author Tour!

Last Thursday, I went out to Austin for the Dark Days of Supernatural author tour to see Veronica Roth (Divergent), Tara Hudson (Hereafter), Amy Plum (Die For Me), Ellen Schreiber (Vampire Kisses series), and Aprilynne Pike (Wings series). They were all fab, and per my usual, I rode the inspiration high all weekend and cranked out nearly 4,000 words!

Here is a picture of me with Veronica Roth and Tara Hudson.

I also met Amy Plum, who was super sweet, and she brought chocolate with sea salt all the way from France to share with all of us. 

I also got to meet Stephanie of Stephanie, A History 

as well as Cari of Cari's Book Blogs (far left) and Lena of Addicted 2 Novels (far right).

The third smiling face in the picture is my good friend (and fabulous writer) Mari. She is blogless. One of these days, she'll crack, and when she does, you'll be the first to know!

I also got to meet Jen from I Read Banned Books!

It was a great mini-road trip, and I look forward to seeing my blogging friends at future events :)


  1. What a trip! I love that you went to Austin for all the fun! I didn't make it (I'm sure you noticed) but I'm glad to know it was great!

    I'm attending the Sarah Dessen signing this wekeend and getting some books signed for a very avid lover of hers! Not to mention a signed book for myself!

  2. What an amazing tour! I love getting inspiration highs from book signings--congrats on the 4,000 words!

  3. I've only met one other blogger - hoping I get to meet more!

  4. I love these photo tours...I always feel like we get to *almost* be there with you!

    SO awesome you were able to meet so many authors AND bloggers...very jealous.

    BTW - LOVE your hair!

    Now where are my words? ;P

  5. Looks like so much fun. You got to meet some pretty fabulous authors. I loved Veronica Roth's book.

  6. It was so great meeting you! We must hang out in Houston soon!

  7. So glad to finally meet you in person! :)

    (Sorry I'm just now commenting, I'm so behind on my blogs!)