Friday, July 8, 2011

Another Goal, CHECK

I hit 25,000 words exactly on my WIP!! I had just finished chapter 14 and my word count was at 24,995, so what did I do? I snuck in one more sentence in chapter 13 (which is incomplete) to round it off!!

Yes, I thought I'd be at this point several weeks ago (nearly a month ago, in fact), but you know how those things go. Point is, I'm HERE NOW and it feels GREAT. Hitting a huge number like this is just the boost I need to full-steam ahead to 30k! Then 40k, then 70k, then THE WORLD!!

Okay, maybe not the world. I'll settle for taking on draft number two at that point. After I eat lots of ice cream as a reward for my efforts.

And after kickboxing class to punish myself for said reward.

How is your WIP coming along? Hit any goals lately?


  1. That's awesome!!!

    I just came back from RWA Nationals and went to a Sourcebooks spotlight. They're looking for YA (about 60K) and you don't need an agent to submit to them.

  2. Congrats on the excellent progress! Good luck continuing to plow through the writing.

  3. Yay! I'm so happy for you! And I can't wait to read your new words!

  4. Yay! Congrats! It feels so good to hit those big milestones. :) Keep up the great work!


    I was feeling stuck, but figured out what was missing yesterday and it's falling together now - WHEW!

  6. Yay you! Waiting on new material as well!!

  7. Congrats! I'm back at home and eager to get writing again. :)

    Ah - kickboxing! I used to do that in another life. Have fun!


  8. Congratulations! You may not have reached your goal in the time you wanted, but at least you reached it. =o)

    My WIP is in a combination of the red-ink edits and the re-type the whole thing hullabaloo. It's fun, but the typing is tiring.

  9. Yay go you!! I hope your ice cream was delish.
    I'm at just over 40K words on my WIP. I'm really going to try hard to finish it before august