Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Borders: A Love Story

So many of you have been sharing your pains of Borders shutting its doors, so I'm taking this chance to express my sadness as well. *Warning, this post will be a ramble, possibly without sense.

If it weren't for Borders, I'm not sure where I'd be in my writing/reading right now. It's played such a major role in my life over the past several years, I can't imagine what will take its place. And I know a lot of people are anti-big chain, but the closest indie is an hour away, Borders was five minutes away.

When I started getting serious about writing, I joined my local writers guild, and that's where we held the meetings. A small group of us broke off from the guild (which was way too large by that point), and we also met at Borders. The employees were always friendly and helpful, and loved having us there. I met so many people for the first time there. People who have played such a vital part in my growth as a writer.

I've taken many a long lunch there with friends, many instances of "oh I'll just see what's new" and I ended up with a handful of books, the list goes on and on. Just this past birthday I wandered in to kill some time and sat down to read a couple chapters of Anna and the French Kiss by the fantastic Stephanie Perkins. Guess what? It's like my favorite book of all time now.

It's sad to see physical bookstores disappear and suffer in this technological age. If I get the chance to be published, I'd love to have a printed copy I can hold in my hand and put on a bookshelf. Sigh.

We will miss you, Borders.


  1. We don't have a Borders nearby, but I know I'd feel the same way if B&N ever goes out of business. Kind of lost. And probably buying 100% of my books from the internet. It is sad. :(


  2. *tear

    Where will we meet now?

  3. I've always lived in places where Barnes and Noble was more prominent than Borders, but regardless, it's a bookstore and any bookstore closings is sad news :(

  4. I live in a small town so the nearest book store period is about an hour away. Only a Barnes & Noble went up in the "area." I bought my first Gregory Maguire book at Borders. And I liked it. I hope we don't lose the physical books, especially when they're what drew a lot of us to writing in the first place.

  5. Now remind again, why is it closed? Why something that every one loves? Hmm...

  6. It's terrible! I'm so bummed about it. And that people aren't more in love with physical books. I own 810 books, and I wouldn't trade any of them for an e-reader.

  7. wtf...blogger ate my comment. Anyway, what i was saying was, i was never a boders fan. Taking out that i was a bookseller for B&N for five years, i mostly had a problem with their stocking practices which bordered (no pun intended) on censorship.
    That said, i'm super sad about this. I hate that i'm forced to buy my books online now. I hate that bookstores are an endangered species. Sigh.

  8. So sad. The borders closest to me closed awhile ago. :( But I am going to go visit the one down town to see if I can get any good deals!

  9. every time a bookstore is closed, an angel loses its wings :(((

  10. Yes! What you said.
    And all the employees without work.

    I love your new blog design and signature btw. Too cute!