Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Crushing on Snape

**If you haven't read the Potter books or have yet to see the newest movie and plan to, you might want to stop reading right here.**

I went to see the final Harry Potter film last Friday with one thing on my mind: Snape.

Okay, so I also had "I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS IS THE LAST ONE" on my mind, but ever since I finished book 7 at 2:30 in the morning in July of 2007 with soaking tissues EVERYWHERE, Snape has burrowed in my heart. 

Alan Rickman played Severus Snape brilliantly throughout the entire series, so I had no doubt his big scene in the finale would prove heartbreaking. It was. Even now, days later, I'm not really thinking about Harry finally sticking it to Voldie, I'm still thinking about Snape; the greatest closet romantic ever written.  


  1. Okay, so now I'm thinking... WHAT? I'm totally going to see it this weekend!

  2. SNAPE WAS HOT!! I already loved him after reading the entire series but I have to say that after the movie my sobs said it all. I was definitely crushing on Snape.

  3. I always liked Snape for his badassness, but I was never In-Lurv with him. Those last scenes, however, and flashbacks of him and Lily made me love him!

  4. I haven't seen any of the movies yet, but all these blog posts have made me curious. Yes, I've been living under a rock.

  5. So true! A closeted romantic indeed! Although my biggest love is still Sirius... No death had me sobbing that much.