Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fitness Check-In (That's me in the corner)

That's me in the corner... losing my motivation. Well, not completely. But in my pattern of health kicks, this is the time (week two/three) that I start getting SUPER frustrated because the results are SO SLOW to show themselves. Nothing has changed from last week. Nothing quantitative, anyway. I'm falling asleep much faster at night, but I'm the exact same weight I was last Thursday. Two measly pounds less than the Thursday before when I started this madness. It just seems like I've done... more. Throw me a freaking bone, scale.

But this is not me giving up. No no no. I have a few things with me in my corner that keep me going.

1) My organization this time around. Physically writing things down on paper (my weight every morning, followed by the calories the elliptical machine tells me I've burned, followed by any thing else I worked out) has helped a lot. Not only because I can see what I've accomplished, but because it makes me not want to have any holes on the calendar, except for my rest day, which has been Sundays.

2) Bones. Not only the bones that create the frame for my overweight body (stay strong! I'm drinking skim milk FOR YOU!), but Bones the television series. My GOSH am I addicted. Every day I chomp at the bit to get on that elliptical so I can watch another episode on my iPhone. Yes, yes, I watch an episode or two at home once in a while, but the rule is that I can't do that until I watch while working out first. Works wonders. :)

Something I'm considering implementing today is the weekly measure. I'm hopefully gaining muscle through this experience (weighs more than fat, right??), so perhaps it would be better to measure various places of the body and keep track of those? Anyone tried this before?

How has this past week been for you? Got any progress to report? What keeps you motivated?


  1. Measurement can certainly be more helpful than the scale. Weight fluctuates so much over the course of the day and depending on what you've eaten, how much you've drunk, etc, that it may not be the most motivating factor.

    Keeping an ongoing measurement of your major points can show improvement that is reliable, plus it's exciting to know how many inches you've lost/gained in muscle versus how many pounds you've shed.

    Finding the right kind of workout has been integral to my own fitness routine. I've finally figured out how I need to run, and each week my runs are getting better, more efficient, and I'm finally feeling awesome afterward, instead of totally drained.

    Being poor helps with the food choices, but when I'm having a terrible craving, I'll allow myself to think about eating it, and instead eat something else--or drink water. Often times dehydration is triggering the hunger impulse. Something totally shallow that helps at the grocery store is pretending like everyone is judging what I have in my cart/basket. Do I pass their scrutiny? Are they silently mocking me for poor choices? Helps me! :)

    Best of luck in your continuing goals!

  2. Some people don't lose many pounds quickly, they lose inches. So you might see more results if you measure. Pay attention to how your clothing fits and feels because that'll be more telling than the scale.

    Also keep in mind that while cardio is excellent for losing weight (and for your brain and heart!), after awhile your body gets used to it and the results flatline (this is true for all exercises). Try and do something different each day and work strengthening/toning exercises that'll build muscle (cardio doesn't build muscle unless you're running up hills) in your routine such as weights, squats, crunches, etc. I see the best results soonest when I hit many different zones along with cardio.

    Good luck and keep it up!

  3. Like Summer said, weight definitely fluctuates! When I was being really careful of my weight/body composition, I realized that I fluctuate up to 5 lbs. a week! I found that absolutely insane, but it was regular for me.

    And a side note on your nutrition: I don't know if you do this or not, but make sure that you're always eating. I know that sounds crazy, but seriously, eat like 6 small meals a day. That will keep your metabolism up and burning more calories than you're ingesting. Just make sure that they're "whole" foods with little sugar, and nothing fried! Those are the words of wisdom from my personal trainer father. :)

  4. I just put myself on a schedule for my writing, and I added my exercise routine into my writing schedule. No writing until I exercise, and I must write in order to do fun things. :) It's a great motivator!

    Wahh, I want to see Bones. My friends keep telling me how amazing it is, but I haven't gotten around to watching it yet. Someday!

  5. Drink lots of water!
    Would it discourage you to know that animal protein leeches calcium from bones and that skim milk is mostly protein?

  6. Oh man, I don't have any advice because I have not been in a consistent workout schedule for so long! I did a lot of aerobics in college and our instructor would always say, "It's a privilege to exercise!" Now that I'm a mom of five, I know what she means! I know I COULD schedule it in, but there are too many other things vying for my attention right now. Maybe you could think of me next time you're on your elliptical (I LOVE the elliptical -- that's like my fav workout!) and say over and over, "it is a privilege to exercise, it is a privilege to exercise." LOL! Let me know if it works! I'd be thrilled if my sedentary lifestyle could inspire someone else. :)


  7. Good for you, Kristin! It's frustrating in the beginning, when your body is adjusting to the changes you're implementing. But it's pure science: the less calories you take in and the more you burn through exercise, the more you lose weight.

    Another thing is for certain: not all food is created equal. When I nourish my body instead of just feeding it, I see quicker results. Real, non-processed, wholesome foods give you greater sustained energy and help your body morph into a more efficient machine.

    This summer, I totally changed my exercise habits, and I've seen amazing results. I'm out of the gym now three days a week. Here's my latest schedule:

    Monday - short run (3-4 miles) outdoors
    Tuesday - weight training in gym (chest and triceps)
    Wednesday - long run outdoors (5+ miles) <-- and I'm thinking about doing a half marathon, maybe, in October...
    Thursday - weight training in gym (back and biceps)
    Friday - run at the city track (12 laps or 3 miles) plus stadium stairs every other lap.

    Switching up my routine has really paid off. When the elliptical feels easier in a couple weeks, look for other cardio exercises to keep your motivation high and continually challenge your body.

    Good luck with it!! And enjoy!!!

  8. God, I know EXACTLY what you mean. I just went on vacation this weekend so I was like "a few days doesn't really matter"... and I went back up by two pounds. Which puts me at about at only a three-pound loss from where I started two-and-a-half weeks ago. *motivation fading*

    These posts keep me motivated though! I'll recommit, and here's to you keeping up the great work! :)