Friday, August 26, 2011

What's up with all the movie photos released?

As much as I love seeing pictures from the upcoming Hunger Games movies, doesn't it feel like they're releasing quite a few of them? Especially seeing as they're still filming? And now there's a teaser trailer coming out this Sunday?? Despite my interest, I can't help feeling that it's a tiny bit premature.

We're seeing this a lot lately. The Twilight movies, The Hobbit, Snow White and the Huntsman. Is this a new trend in movie promotion/hype or has it been going on for a while and I'm just now noticing?

What do you think about this mini-spoilery? Does it seem like too much too soon, or does it help you get excited?  


  1. not only that the marketing campaigns are starting earlier than before, but the time of shooting, which previously took a year or even a two, is now reduced to just a bit more than a half year. This is done so that films would cost less and go to cinemas ASAP. Quite soon the time between film's cinema life and DVD release will also be shorten to just a few months.

  2. It doesn't help me get excited. Nowadays, I get sick of all the hype way before the movie is released. Lucky for me, I wait until it's released on DVD before I see it so I have time to forget how irritated I was with the hoopla.

  3. Dezz - That's interesting. I guess we're naturally leaning toward even MORE instant gratification this day and age.

    B.E. - Good call!

  4. I love the hype but only when the movie is getting near. I hate prematurely getting excited about a movie I can't see soon.
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  5. I'm not one for movie hype. I'm out of the loop with commercials and other types of ads anyway. When I watch a movie, it's from a natural desire. I must say I do want to see this film.

  6. You know what I'd like to see? Some freakin "City of Bones" pictures!!!!! I don't know if they've started filming or not, but OMG I can't wait for that movie! haha