Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Workout Inspiration - The K-Rae Method

Those two words commented on my last blog post inspired me to write this post (Thanks Deana!). Yes, I've been working out super hard this past week. I try to get to the gym every day, and my goal on the elliptical machine is 500 calories burned minimum.

A pound apparently equals 3500 calories, so my logic says, burn 500 calories a day, lose a pound a week. Eat better every day, shaving those surplus calories, lose another pound a week. I've only been in this serious mode since last Thursday, and I'm already over 2 pounds lighter on the scale. (YIPPEE!)

To keep track, I printed a little calendar from MS Word

and EVERY morning I get on the scale and write my weight at the top of that day's square. I think it's good for me to see how much weight fluctuates every day. I don't panic as much this way, seeing it all written out. As long as the average is continuing to drop, we're all good. 

After I go to the gym, I write the total calories the machine told me I've burned. I don't stop until I'm over 500. Netflix Instant for iPhone is a LIFESAVER. I warm up to music for a few minutes, then watch an episode of Bones, my current obsession, and when it's over, I'm done! Then I alternate days of arm machines and leg machines, so under my calories I write what else I worked on. So far, Sunday has been my rest day (after three days of pushing myself, my body was ready for a break). 

As far as eating, I've been loading up on fruits, veggies, and fresh meats. I also make sure I have some carbs and protein in me before a workout (or I get shaky and wimpy). 

So that's my current K-Rae method! I hope I can inspire more of you to work toward your goal (and keep it up myself!). All of my workout buddies are virtual (a friend makes me email them a picture of my calendar every day, and harasses me if I don't send it!), which I think is kind of funny, but it's better than having NO one to hold me accountable. 

If anyone is interested, I was thinking about doing a weekly blog post/check-in where we can share our goal woes and triumphs. Encourage each other. Positive reinforcement! I know I need it... because I'm needy. haha. 

On that note, off to the gym!!


  1. Wow, I really admire your commitment and organization! I just started my diet/exercise plan a week and two days ago, and I'm really trying to stick to it this time (...I usually lose 10 then lost motivation, haha). But your post just re-inspired me a bit! Do you have a goal in mind? :)

  2. Thanks! My overall goal is around 30 pounds (if it's possible), but my 10 year HS reunion is October 22, so I hope to at least lose 10 by then. I've never really lost more than 5 pounds on a health kick, so I get frustrated really quickly--if I can lose 10 I think I'd be super motivated to push myself for even more, because then I'd feel like my body is actually capable of loss.
    Happy to re-inspire! Good luck on your goals!

  3. I want to lose 40! I can't believe I have let myself go like this over the years. Oh well, I actually joined Weight Watchers and LOVE it, but when I moved I totally went haywire. You helped me get back on track Kristin. I'm all about a virtual group. Let me know what you think:)

  4. Be careful. Your body needs at least one day a week to rest. Working out every day ups your chances of injury.

    On a happier note: great job :) If you have a smart phone (a phone that downloads apps), get the free app My Fitness Pal. Counting calories is the only way I lose weight (alongside cardio). Keep going!

  5. Wow you're so organized! And yay for Bones! I hate treadmills (I have to run outside, even in the heat), but I think I could stay on there to watch an episode of that show. :)

  6. YES, 30 POUNDS IS POSSIBLE. Just keep on saying that, haha. I'm sure you'll make it to your goals! :)

    And here's my email addy just in case:

    I'm not sure if *I* will be able to keep up my diet/workout schedule, but if you want to check in each week to pat each other's backs (or I can at least pat yours), I'd be happy to!

  7. so i wrote this whole longass comment and was about to post it when my net decided to DISCONNECT and argh i hate it when that happens.

    anyway, i think it's awesome that you've got such a great plan! i can't go to a gym and don't have any track to walk on either, so oh well. i do lots of jumping jacks and sit-ups though, but too bad i can't see my fave tv shows while doing that. :P

  8. Ugh, it's posts like this that remind me that I should probably get off my ass and start exercising again.