Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fitness Check-In (Week 4)

How's it going everyone?! This last week has been insane. INSANE I tell you! Those of you who live in Texas know what I'm talking about. These fires are devastating. My parents live very close to one of the fires and have been close to evacuating twice since Monday, and some of our friends have had to evacuate.  These firefighters are such brave people. Prayers with them and those affected.

So this week, I stayed away from the gym Thursday through Tuesday. My back has been bothering me some (I think it's a combo of sleeping wrong and sitting at a computer all day every day), so I let it rest for a good chunk of time. I'm making an appointment with the chiropractor soon (nervous!!).

The weight is still fluctuating like crazy (I'm convinced each of my newly sculpted calf muscles are several pounds each!), but measurement wise, I'm finally seeing results! And a GREAT way to track calories and exercise is with an App my friend showed me called myfitnesspal.

It's totally free and really easy to you. You can even scan the barcode if you're eating something with one, and it has all the info already--just select serving size. You can even have friends on there and comment on each other's statuses. (I'm a nerd, I know... but it helps to have buddies!)

How are your goals coming?!


  1. I'm sorry to hear you're effected by the fires. It's horrible and scary to watch from up here in CO. I can't imagine being so close. My thoughts are with you and yours.

    The app sounds like an awesome tool. Congrats on seeing results in your measurements. Sometimes that's the best way to gauge your progress - especially when you've been working hard and not seeing the pounds disappear from the scale.

  2. Oh man, my prayers are with you all in Texas! I'm doing the rain dance for you too.

    Great job on seeing the results! I swear, you are my motivation and just as soon as I come back from my writers conference I am all about some excersise. Please just ignore the excuse and notice the goal I set:)

  3. Kristin, I had to mention you today in my post because you are doing so fabuloso in your weight loss challenge:)