Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fitness Check-In (Week6)

*Disclaimer: Please forgive the negative bits of this post. Everyone needs to vent sometimes, and this is my time. ;)

How's everyone doing? Any fantastic results to share? Please tell me, because I'm in that frustrated stage again where nothing is happening. Clothes still fit the same, weight hasn't changed, no inches lost, calorie intake all within daily goals. I know it takes a long time but dang, I can't wait to share some excitement already. I'm like a broken record and these weekly posts feel like downers that I force optimism into. I don't want to force my optimism, I want to RADIATE natural optimism.

I already had a dream/nightmare about my HS reunion. I'm pretty sure it took place in the Hogwarts' dining hall. Snape was there. So was Danny Elfman--I almost cried. Lots of teachers, former classmates from my class and younger... and everyone was skinny but me.

On a chiropractic note, I had my first cracking yesterday. Who knew it wasn't scary at all? All those jitters for nothing. Seeing the X-rays was pretty cool. I knew I was crooked but WOW. No wonder I'm hurting. Can't WAIT to feel better from this!

Thanks to KM for reminding me the benefits of intervals while doing cardio. Wore me out this week, but I like it! Thanks to Courtney (she's a new blogger, give her a follow!) for her personal training expertise and encouragement, to L. Diane Wolfe for sharing all that great information with me, and to Deana Barnhart for needing these posts just as much as I do. You all help me not to give up, and I hope I'm returning the favor to others. 


  1. I follow the same cycle whenever I renew my health concious commitment. The first 2-3 weeks I see respectable results, then weeks 4-6 nothing seems to happen. Your body is trying to figure out what your doing to it, so it is very frugal about giving anything up. But its like someone holding their breath, sooner or later your body will have to exhale and you'll see that scale move again!

  2. Kristen, don't be discouraged. It takes longer for women. When my husband and I got back into shape together, he started losing weight in the first week - it took me almost four weeks before the first pound dropped. I finally lost about 34 pounds, but what really excited me was I dropped from a size 12-14 to a 2!!

  3. DL's right. It will seem like nothing happening, when really it's just your body finding a center and preparing for some shedding!Just keep it up, change up the routine and keep kicking your own butt!
    *Thanks for the shout out too :D

  4. They do help! I know this can all be so frustrating, especially when it gets harder to come off the older we get. BUT, you're right, it will come off if you stick to it. Just think this way. If you get frustrated and give up, in six months you could be the same or bigger. BUT if you keep going in 6 months you will have made major progress.
    As far as the class reunion. I think I may have told you this, but I went to mine and was thinking I would be like this huge person compared to everyone else, but I wasn't. It was funny thinking most of the girls and some guys were probably feeling the same way I was. It will be so much fun!
    As for my progress, I joined Weight Watchers. Well, I joined a while back but I'm really going to use it now. I'll let you know how it works:)
    Keep your head up Kristin! You are doing great!

  5. There were negative bits in your post? ;o)

    Sorry you're not seeing the progress you're making. I know why I'm not achieving my health goals - it's because I can't stop munching. Everything is so yummy. All the time. As long as you stick to your plan and you're not cheating like me, you'll see the results. And if the measurable results aren't forthcoming, ask yourself: Am I feeling better than I was when I started? That's the real benchmark.