Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Five

1. There's a box of soup mix in my pantry with a serving size of TWO TABLESPOONS. Are they serious? Two tablespoons? FOR SOUP? That's not being eaten any time soon. I read my labels in the store now.

2. I actually got some writing done this week! Wednesday I managed to squeak out 1,500 words. Hopefully I'll get another nice chunk written this weekend!

3. Switchfoot's new album comes out Tuesday!! CAN. NOT. WAIT.

4. Lots of new shows are starting up. The Vampire Diaries is off to a strong start, and I'm enjoying The Secret Circle and Revenge so far. Parks and Rec is just as hilarious as always, as is The Big Bang Theory. Castle's premiere left me going, eh. Glee was another let down for some reason. I guess my expectations were too high for those two shows. Looking forward to checking out Hart of Dixie, Once Upon a Time, and Smash when they start. Maybe Grimm too. Can't decide about Tera Nova...

5. Tonight will be a blast from the past! I'm going with Heather to see HEART! Well, Def Leppard is the headliner but I only know the one song. Heart was MY BAND as a youngster, and was also my first concert. If I remember correctly (which I honestly might not, because I was around 7) the line-up was Blind Melon, The Black Crowes, and Heart. I've been a concert addict ever since.


  1. Too funny! Heart and Def Leppard were here this last weekend. Good for you on that word count!! Have a good weekend.
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  2. LOVE Vampire Diaries and Secret Circle! So addictive. Have a great writing weekend!

  3. Have fun tonight! And happy writing this weekend! :)


  4. I guess the soup manufacturer is trying to make their soup seem healthier by reducing the serving size. Very sneaky.

  5. I have to agree with you about Castle and Glee. I can trace Castle's problem back to last season's finale and the convoluted plot they've been trying to follow. So NOT working. Glee just picked bad songs, pure and simple.


  6. This post made me smile! From the tiny soup servings to the memories I also have about the band Heart. Nice television reviews, too. Thanks, Kristin Rae. Have an awesome time at the concert, you lucky girl!