Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fitness Check-In (Week 8)

I missed last week's check-in because I was out of town, but skipping a week makes for a more dramatic weigh-in the next! Still the slowest progress known to woman-kind, but I guess it counts as progress nonetheless.

So the first deadline I had for myself in all of this is October 22, my 10 year HS reunion. It's SOON, and I'm nowhere near the 10 pounds I wanted to lose, but I'm also not stressing about it as much. The reunion is turning into more of a super casual backyard BBQ with pretty much just the people I see considerably often anyway. Now, I'm not slowing down, I'm working at not getting upset with myself for the slow progress.

Total weight lost: 3.2lbs
Total inches lost: 4.75"

How are your goals coming?


  1. Girl, three pounds is awesome! And look at those inches!! I think this is such a great goal and to me, you're doing stellar. I don't know if I saw your beginning post on this but I like the idea of putting it out there with our goals. So my goal is to be down 10 by my birthday in November. I'm only down one. Ha. But I'll keep plugging away.

  2. Kristin, that's still great progress! Think where you'll be by Christmas. And while weight loss is good, those inches coming off will have an even greater impact on you and how you look.