Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Five


2. So, today while I was trying to decompress, enjoying an episode of Castle while eating lunch, my carbon monoxide detector goes off. I change the batteries. Same thing. Open the windows. Call the gas company. Wait for gas man for about 45 minutes outside. I thought it had "cooled off" outside. No, it has not. Gas man comes and waves this little thing around everywhere. Nope. No CO anywhere to be found. No leaks. All's well. Guess I need a new detector. And a nap I don't have time for. AFTER I get the new detector because I'm nervous like that.

3. Allergies have set in. Huzzah.

4. Do self-imposed deadlines actually work? I'm thinking no, because if they did, I would have finished my first draft in July. Then August. Nope, maybe by October 1st. No? October 15th then! Um... not gonna happen.

5. Vampire Diaries fans... isn't the whole fun of tension between characters that "unspoken" element? You just pick up on the subtleties, the looks, the longing. You DON'T talk about it. "Why don't you take a beat from Elena?" Excuse me? No. "You have feelings for Damon!" "OMG what if I do?" PAH-LEASE. Don't tell us there's an issue. SHOW US. That's writing 101, TVD.


  1. Ack. Good for you, calling the gas company. You can't mess around with CO. I'm so glad you're okay. :hugs:

  2. I'm hearing you, Kristin! Allergies have set in and I won't be finishing the WiP on deadline, either. I have a deadline for an edit today and I am reading blogs. Go figure!

    Love ya. I'm so glad you didn't die of CO poisoning!


  3. The cool down is coming next week! Better safe than sorry with regards to your CO2 detectors. :)