Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ringer, Revenge... and other new shows

Ringer, Sarah Michelle Gellar's newest project, didn't do a whole lot for me at first. It was sort of interesting, but my DVR recorded three or four more episodes before I even watched the second one. I just wasn't excited about it. Then one lazy night, I watched ALL of them, chomping at the bit for more. It's REALLY good. If you need a reason to watch, how about this guy:

Remember him? Sweet, young Officer Lowe, so concerned about all the frozen dead bodies floating in the ocean after the Titanic sunk. I was totally Team Leo back when this movie came out (I was 14, please), but this guy stuck out to me, even then. Maybe it was the prominent nose, the accent, I don't know. But I liked him. And besides the twisted twisted twisted storyline of Ringer, he's a reason to keep watching. 

And yes, that's Nestor Carbonell back there. The creepy, pretty guy from Lost that doesn't actually wear eyeliner even though it looks like it. You know who else has a recurring role on Ringer?? LOGAN ECHOLLS from Veronica Mars! Well, Jason Dohring, anyway.

If they don't go the teacher/student romantic relationship with his storyline, I'd be surprised, because they're certainly setting it up for that. Hopefully they'll surprise us and do something else. Either way, glad he found work!

Revenge!! By far my favorite new show this year. The first episode was good, a total surprise because I really didn't know what to expect. I was a big fan of Everwood, so when I saw Emily VanCamp had her own show, I knew I had to tune in. Best surprise on the show, KYLE VALENTI from Roswell! Nick Wechsler plays Jack, the OTHER love interest.

I'm Team Jack all the way. This is a TWISTY amazing show, and if you haven't seen it, try to catch up online if you can. It's WORTH IT. 

Once Upon a Time started a little hokey for me. I was super disappointed with the first episode, mostly because it wasn't what I expected from the previews. I gave it another chance, and I'm telling you, episode two HOOKED me deep. As soon as Emma cut down that apple tree (which is NOT a Honeycrisp tree... HC apples aren't red like that, HELLO) with a chainsaw and told that evil witch, "YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I'M CAPABLE OF!" WOOOHOO! And! Sark will be on the next episode!! (Well, David Anders. He'll always be Sark from Alias to me)

Grimm was a surprise as well. Another twist with the fairy tale involvement, but it's, as Sophie Jordan tweeted to me, CREEPY GOOD. I'm interested to see where this show goes.

The Secret Circle had a strong enough start for me to keep watching, but there's still something missing. I'll keep watching, but I'm not entirely sure why.

Soon to go is Hart of Dixie... those accents are atrocious and I'm attached to zero of the characters. I guess I keep waiting for something to actually HAPPEN. If it doesn't soon, I'm deleting from the list.

I've also been watching Tim Allen's new show Last Man Standing. It's no Home Improvement, but I've always been a fan of his humor.

Person of Interest is a tricky fish. I love Jim Caviezel (especially after meeting him--STILL SQUEEING about that), but if they don't attach me to these characters soon, I'll lose interest.

New Girl is pretty funny, I must admit. But it's not for everyone.

Gave up on:
Up All Night after 3 episodes. Don't get me wrong, it's funny! But it's no Samantha Who (SHAME on ABC for canceling that!).
Charlie's Angels after 10 minutes of the first episode.
2 Broke Girls is funny, but I never got hooked enough to look forward to the next episode.
Nikita was great last season, but I couldn't get into it this year.
Terra Nova after the first episode. I actually really liked it (despite the digital effects), but it's one of those that I wasn't anxious to sit down and watch, and it started to clog up my DVR. I think it will be a Netflixer for me later.

Still watching:
The Vampire Diaries How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Whipped Damon. Ripper Stefan. Brainwashed Tyler. Cheater Jeremy. Human Matt. That's five ways right there. ;) Seriously though, I'm sucked into TVD like never before this season. I'm a little sad the whole ghost thing seems to be a done deal--they could have stretched that at least a couple more episodes--but what they did with it was super cool for me anyway. And I was totally Team Anna/Jeremy so getting a bit of that back was fabulous.
Parks and Recreation
Modern Family
Glee, although there's something about it now. I'm not in LOVE like I used to be. And that makes me sad.
The Big Bang Theory

Mr. Sunshine

Looking forward to:

My GOSH there are a lot of shows. Thank God for DVR!!

What about you? Any new shows hook you this year? Any you gave up on?


  1. While watching Revenge I could not figure out who Jack was, when I finally IMBD'd him I laughed so hard when I realized it was Kyle from Roswell. He has aged nicely huh.
    I felt the same about Once Upon A Time, the first episode was a let down but the second was more promising. And I love that you call him Sark as well. I watch TVD with my friend and when he was on it, I told her how he was better looking on Alias because of his fake British accent, which he did really well.

  2. LOL! Right, those were NOT Honeycrisp apples! I thought the exact same thin... :D And I've been trying for weeks to place the husband on Ringer. Thanks!

    Yep, still watching many of the same things, but what? No 30 Rock? :o) <3

  3. Oh, how I wish I had something intelligent to say on this subject, but I don't watch TV shows ... except Dora Explorer and Little Einsteins on occasion. :) Um, favorite newly discovered kid's show? Little Bill. My daughter loves it. And it's made by Bill Cosby (who has to name pretty much every show he's connected with after himself ... why? I love him anyway, though). :)


  4. I agree with most of your assessments, except REVENGE, that one rubs me the wrong way. RINGER is filling up my DVR and I'll probably start watching it if it looks like its going to make it.

    I'm really looking forward to ALCATRAZ!

  5. Ahhh, so much love for Vampire Diaries (for all the reasons you've mentioned)! Definitely need to watch Ringer, clearly--Logan Echolls!

  6. OH MY didn't tell me Logan Echolls was on Ringer! I would've watched it JUST for him.

    Will start DVR'ing as soon as possible and let you know what I think. :P

    AS for TVD - you KNOW I'm a fan. Damon? *le sigh*

  7. You should just start writing weekly TV reviews! Wow! I need to have you keep me updated on these things. ;)

    And I'm glad you've gotten into "Once Upon A Time." I'm really liking it! I had a hard time beliving that she would just go with this kid who claims to be her son THAT quickly in the first episode, and all the fairy tale aspects WERE pretty hokey, but I think it's cool. And I love what we've learned about the evil queen so far. Can't wait to watch more :)

  8. I would like to point out that I totally called it on you liking Revenge JUST from the previews...remember? I would like a shout-out next time please. :) HAHA Kidding. Totally agree on Glee, Last Man Standing, and Person of Interest...

  9. I gave up on Glee a long time ago ... it just got too predictable for me. I'm starting to lose my interest in Castle too, and that saddens me. Bring back the funny! It's gotten too serious and I want the fun, flirtyness. (Yes, that's totally a word).