Monday, December 26, 2011

Best part of waking up... is getting fired

My mom tells me my blog's getting boring, sorry! haha I know I've been absent, we're all busy this time of year. October through November were pretty busy for me with photography, throw in a part time job three days a week and I didn't have much extra time for writing, forget blogging!

I've actually been composing a difficult post for a couple weeks now, and it's still not ready to share. It's nothing personally serious, don't get nervous! Just something I discovered doing research on my WIP and wanted to share. I'll try to have it done later this week.

Last week was really hard for me. My good friend and manager at my part time job (the reason I worked there in the first place) was suddenly let go. This just a month after the other office girl was randomly let go. I started working there in July, and then BAM, last week I was the one with seniority in the front office. I was still learning! Still passing on phone calls to my manager, then suddenly I'm the one getting calls passed to me!

Well, Tuesday after they let her go, I got the big long speech from the practice manager how they were happy with my work and they didn't want me to worry. I had to work my REAR off last week being the one in the office that had any idea what I was doing, staying almost two hours late every day to finish up and try to do damage control. I was STRESSED.

I go in this morning, the day after Christmas (and Mom's birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!), and they LET ME GO TOO! For, get this, NO REASON. Who does that? They're happy with my work, don't want me to worry, I have ZERO write ups, no warning, just BAM you're fired. My guess is they want my position to be full time (and to pay less than they payed me), and I wasn't able to do that since I run my photography biz too. Mom thinks something more sinister is going on, which sounds exciting, but if there was something I may have caught wind of, I'm too blonde to have noticed.

Now I can finally stop complaining and finish that symphony... err, WIP ;)


  1. They're probably out of money and can't pay you. The biz might fold or be "reorganized." It might be good ridance for you. Focus on your photography (grin) and you'll find success.

  2. Oh no! I'm sorry! :-/ I mean, I'm glad you'll have more writing time,but it still sucks! It makes sense that they would want to make it full time, though, I guess.

  3. It definitely sounds like your better off not being part of that company. I deplore tactics like that! The first rule of management is when you fire somebody, it shouldn't be a surprise!

  4. So sorry that you arre going through this and that it's happening at Christmas time. I've been in the same situation so I understand what you are going through. It sounds like you are better off without this company.
    Truly Bookish

  5. Kristin, I'm so sorry about this. Sounds like something weird is going on. It might be good you're out of there. Although, that doesn't make it any easier, I'm sure. ((Hugs))

  6. dude, that sucks hardcore. I've been in that position before. It hurts.
    But, looking at my life now as compared to then, it's a lot better. And i don't think i'd be where i am now if i hadn't lost that job. The end is just where we start.

  7. Ugh, Kristin. You already know I think this sucks, but I'll say it again publicly on the blog. So sorry. :(