Saturday, December 3, 2011

I don't think I'm gonna make the goal...

I was supposed to read 50 books this year for my Goodreads challenge. Apparently I've only read 38 as of right now, and I'm "8 books behind". I don't think I can read 8 books in less than a month. This was a goal I really thought I could hit. Once Autumn rolled in and photography picked up, everything else fell behind.

My WIP has been on the backburner too, which makes me sad. I was so sure I was going to finish it in June! Then July! Okay, maybe August... October? End of the year...? To my critique girls, I really do appreciate the pestering for more pages. Even though I'm slow getting them to you, knowing that you are that engaged in my story that you keep asking for more, inspires me to work even harder to finish this sucker for you! I'm taking at least January off of photography and I'm buckling down to get my story finished and edited.

How have your 2011 goals been for you this year? It's so funny how fired up we are every January, only to let ourselves down by June. By October we've probably completely forgotten everything we set out to do. Does that happen to you too, or is it just me? (Please say it's not just me! ;)

I'm not waiting until January 2012 to get my act back together. I'm taking control again right now! Or... maybe Monday.

KIDDING! RIGHT NOW!! I pledge to myself to at least write one chapter in my WIP by the time the weekend is up!! Wow that felt good.



  1. I met my reading goal, but not my writing goal. I thought my wip would be done by now, but I'm in the initial revisions stage.

    It's always a great feeling to take control. I say go with it.

    I anticipate I'll fire myself up this January with goals galore that I may or may not fulfill.

  2. i made a goal for myself too, one of 65 books. Crazy huh. I think I'm 5 books behind..But that I can do. I'm sure of it. Good luck with everything!

  3. Hey, I'm all for this new, productive Kristin. That means I get to read more #PIPPA! :D

  4. You're doing great, Kristin. Don't be so hard on yourself! Can't wait to read your book when it's done! Keep typing for meeeee!! :)

  5. don't feel bad, Kristin, I read just ten books this year, an all of them for my translation work, I just don't have time for more :((((

  6. Goals are not finish lines! They are meant to serve as motivation, not a grading system. You'll ahcieve what your after...just adapt and keep moving forward!! :)

  7. I hope you had a productive weekend! I know what you mean about January resolutions fading over the year. But 2012 is going to be different (I hope...)!