Saturday, December 10, 2011

MacBook Pro vs MacBook Air

I'm in the market for a laptop! This week I discovered something new about myself. I focus better on writing in public. I don't know what it is. You'd think I'd be MORE distracted, but when I try to write at home, I see too many other things being neglected and I run off to do those things instead. That's why it's December and my WIP is still in shambles.

So, that being said, I need a new laptop. The one I'm using weighs like 20 pounds, it's nearly 5 years old (which makes it a dinosaur in technology years), and I had to do surgery on it for an entire day just to get it to run. I pretty much stripped it of everything but MS Word. Did I mention the battery life is about 45 minutes TOPS? So if I don't get the seat close to the plug, my writing (typing) time is short. I'd also like to be able to listen to music while I write, and this computer is too much of a sissy to handle that anymore.

I'm a converted Mac user now (since getting my iMac last year that I'm STILL in LURVE with), so I was curious how many of you have MacBooks. My husband has the 13" MacBook Pro, so I pretty much know how adorable it is, but what's the deal with the MacBook Air? Anyone have one? It doesn't have a disc drive, does it? I think that could be a problem. What's the word?


  1. I'm waiting to hear what people are going to tell you!!! I have just a regular old DELL and though I'm not a huge fan of it, it still works. I'll be getting a Mac in the future though.

  2. Sorry, we are die-hard PC-Dell users in our house. But that's mostly because all of our software is PC. (We are a fan of Apple products though, just not the MAC.)

  3. We had a Macbook when we were in China. All the teachers at our school got one ... so nice! But now that we have to buy computers ourselves, we go with the lower priced PC. But that's okay. I don't mind it. (I found writing novels on a Macbook much trickier. I can't remember why now, but the scrolling part drove me crazy ... maybe it's better now than it was then.)

    Best of luck finding the perfect computer, my friend!