Wednesday, February 22, 2012

And so it begins... the first revision.

REVISIONS REVISIONS REVISIONS. How intimidating are you? You make me anxious. You make me sick to my stomach. You steal my brain from me when I'm supposed to be working (you know, the kind that actually pays me for my time). You make my leg bounce up and down any time I'm seated. You draw me to the computer only to sit and stare at the screen without accomplishing anything because you. scare. the. mess. out. of. me.

I will say that changing two characters names throughout the entire manuscript in three seconds by the click of a button was a REALLY cool feeling! Wish I'd thought of these names sooner though because I adore them. :)

I have a few things I want to clean up toward the end of the book before looking at the beginning and finding the real place it's supposed to start. So I've been trying to repair a scene that's been determined to be ridiculous, but then it made me think of a scene a few chapters later and I hopped to that one instead thinking it would be a quick fix... it's not. So now I have two scenes torn apart and bleeding. How do you keep yourself focused on one thing at a time? Are you systematic in your revisions, or do you hop around until it all gets done?

I think I need a game plan. I'm just not sure what it is yet. But there will be chocolate.


  1. Chocolate is the best writing/editing/revision/everything remedy. :)

  2. I tend to jump around in revisions in the beginning, but then I start going through everything linearly to make sure it all makes sense. I say when inspiration for revising a scene strikes, go with it! It'll all get done in the end. Good luck!!!

  3. I try to be systematic about revisions because I like having a plan and being organized. But sometimes if a scene or character is giving me trouble, I skip around.

    Chocolate is always in the plan no matter what! Good luck and have fun, Kristin. :)

  4. I'm like Laura...systematic. Otherwise it ends up being like trying to smooth wrinkles out of a bed sheet. Eliminate one and another one pops up as a result.

  5. In case I didn't already mention this, I love your blog background! As for revisions, I definitely have to be systematic, one by one, or I'll probably forget something. And isn't that find/replace feature awesome for names we have to change?

  6. Chocolate is always good!
    As for revisions, I start from beginning to end saving a new draft and I just go. Then after doing this like three times I give it away and see what happens.
    Good luck on your revisions! Keep that chocolate close:)

  7. Yay for revisions!!!!!! Make #pippa shine!!!! :D