Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Five - New Facebook, American Idol, Queries

1. I got a new Facebook account for the WRITING WORLD! See, I have this issue telling too many people in my personal life that I'm trying to get published. Trust me, if (when) it happens, I'll be shouting it from the rooftops. But for now, they won't get it. So for those of you interested, my new Facebook is HERE. :)

2. Anyone watching American Idol? I get sucked in just about every year, mostly because it's one of the few things Handy and I actually watch together. And I like this judging panel much better than in past years. Anyone have any favorites this year?? So far I'm liking Colton, Phillip, Skylar (she's rockin that country!), Hollie has completely surprised me (glad she came back!), and Heejun is CRACKING ME UP.

3. Bones is coming back on in less than a month!!! SQUEEE

4. I'll be done with round two of revisions in just a couple more hours! Then off to betas it goes!

5. I don't know what I'm dreading more... writing the query or the synopsis. *bites nails*


  1. Yes, I'm an Idol addict. And I think the panel of judges is perfect now.

  2. Good luck finishing up revisions! That's so exciting! I always dread the synopsis more than the query, myself. :)

  3. Synopsis, for sure!!! Queries are so much easier IMHO.

  4. Congrats of finishing revisions! I haven't been watching American Idol but I've heard it's been good. I'd probably say queries. For me I usually have some form of synopsis as I write because I map it out as I go.
    Catherine Denton

  5. Query or Synopsis...fear both equally!!

  6. Hands down I hate the synopsis more!

    And I love American Idol!!! My husband actually watches with me now that they have the new judges. My absolute favorites are Phillip and Skylar, but I really like Colton too. I agree, Heejun is hilarious!

    As for Facebook, I'm right there with you. I have been meaning to get a writing one up too. I need to get on that.

    Good luck on your betas. I love getting that feedback because it is the whole picture kind of thing. It has taught me so much about my writing:)

  7. It is difficult to tell people you know that you are trying to get published. I know a lot of people I know think that writing is a really fickle industry and would laugh at me for being a part of it.

  8. cannot wait for Bones to come back!!
    Also, dread that synopsis more. Queries can be fun! Synopses are the devil...

  9. You know I'm watching. I love Phillip and Hollie also (with Phillip being my fave) but I also like Elise and Erika (despite their recent "meh" performances). I thought for sure you'd like them too but I'll forgive you and give you a chance to rethink your decisions. :) I miss Simon terribly, however, and it won't ever be the same without him.

    And don't try to hide your efforts to get published from me...I'm rooting for ya!