Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Teenage Hearttrob Blogfest

So, I'm sort of the WORST blogging buddy in the WORLD by forgetting this SUPER awesome blogfest hosted by Sarah Ahiers, Vic Caswell and Emily White.

It's the Teenage Heartthrob Blogfest: a list of seven celebrities I crushed on as a youngster. Fun, no?! Before we begin, understand that I was an odd child with a wide array of interests. I watched a lot of old movies, so.... don't be surprised by some of these. 

Jonathan Taylor Thomas - Home Improvement
My friend had a poster of him on her wall back when the show was at it's height (we were young at the time, and JTT was actually older than we were, despite how much like a baby he looks in this picture), and it was then that I realized that famous boys were worthy of being adored. (I've heard a rumor he's gay now, and I'll admit, I've had a bad track record of crushing on famous guys only to find out later they don't even like women. #epicfail)

Leonardo DiCaprio - Romeo+Juliet, Titanic
Holy. Cow. I think my crush on Leo pretty much trumps any other crush I've ever had on anyone (besides my Husband before we started dating). EVER. There are no words. I was going to marry him. Period.

Christian Bale - Newsies
I'm sure this is the first thing most of us ever saw him in. He sings! He dances! I was even late hearing about it in HS, but wow. I was smitten.

Justin Timberlake - N*SYNC
I was right on the edge of being too old to get this crazy about a singing group (though Justin is two years older than me), but boy howdy did I listen to their first CD (the only good one they ever made, besides the Christmas one) over and over and over. Justin was my favorite favorite favorite. My BFF and I went to see them on one of their early early tours. It's still one of the best concerts I've ever been to.

Gene Kelly - Singing in the Rain, Summer Stock, Anchors Aweigh
I've been a fan of classic movies from an early age. Those leading men back then... omg. They don't make em like that anymore. And Gene Kelly... swoon swoon swoon. He sings, he dances, he's HOT. I think i was physically ill when I realized he grew old and died already.

Cary Grant - Any and every movie he ever made
I don't know what it is about this smooth talker, but I still pretty much melt when I watch him. Just look at that smirk. *dies* That is all. 

Micky Dolenz - The Monkees
I know I know I know. But I'm a classic movie and TV fav, remember? I couldn't help it. I know everyone else was in love with Davy Jones (my heart is still very much broken over his sudden death last week), but Micky was the actual talent in the bunch. His voice was unique and I thought he was hilarious and adorable. I've actually seen The Monkees (Micky, Davy and Peter anyway. Mike said PEACE out, Monkees) twice on one of their reunion tours, and I've seen Micky once solo... front row. He threw his sweaty towel at my mom and we almost died. Yes I know he's old now, shut up. It's MICKY.  


  1. Kelly and Grant! Don't think I saw those on any other lists.

  2. You by-passed Davy for Mickey?? *shakes head* :)

  3. I approve of this list, especially since so many of them are dancers. MMMMM.
    And i remember watching Christian Bale in Empire of the Sun when i was just a kid, so i recognized him when Newsies came out. Man, i need to stick in my DVD and belt out some newsies songs

  4. I'm more of a Cary Grant fan now then when I was in my teens. Gene Kelley on the other hand, LOVE! Great choices.

  5. JTT was such a nice boy, and smart and educated, and I like choices he made in his life later on. I still wish he would come back.
    And who doesn't adore Justin Timberlake :)

  6. Hey, I saw Mickey in Dallas a year or so back. He still looks the very same...with a few wrinkles, of course. I just watched a Gene Kelly video on You Tube and the man had an amazing talent. Finally, I rode a bus in the Philippines (where I am now traveling and writing) and lo and behold if they weren't showing "Titantic'.

  7. Gene Kelly and Cary Grant--total swoon! And JTT was such an object of obsession back then. Half the girls in my school LOVED him.