Monday, May 21, 2012

The Story Spoiler

I've been going through season three of Castle (since last year when it was airing I was watching seasons one and two) and one episode got me thinking about THE STORY SPOILER. Here's a conversation between Castle and his daughter, Alexis:

C - "Wait a minute, what are you doing?"
A - "Narrowing down suspects."
C - "You can't do that. No!" :::stammers::: "You'll ruin the secret. No, it's like a mystery novel. You don't just go to the last page, do you?"
A - "Yes."
C - "You do?! Well you shouldn't! It's not--you can't--the joy doesn't come in knowing who did it. The joy comes in the journey. In allowing the ending to blossom like some magnificent, Himalayan blue poppy." 

I'll admit that sometimes I flip toward the end to see if a favorite character's name comes up (sometimes the suspense is just too much!), but usually, I resist the temptation and just read on like a good little reader.  What about you? Do you ever read the ending and spoil it for yourself?


  1. I'm the same--I try my best not to read ahead, because I hate getting spoiled! Reminds me of When Harry Met Sally, where Harry always reads the ends of books in case he dies before he can finish them. I'm definitely not that pessimistic. :)

  2. I hate spoiled endings! Even when I accidentally see spoilers while in pursuit of the acknowledgements page (which I always read first) I get mad at myself.

  3. No, I never spoil it for myself. At least, I don't think I ever have. I love waiting for the end of a novel. :)

  4. Tsk...tsk...tsk!! I never peek ahead. The fun is in the buildup! :)

  5. not usually, but my sister does ALL the time.

  6. Lol! I do this a lot, skip to the last page to read. But only if I'm bored with the book. And I would never skip to the end of a mystery!