Monday, July 9, 2012

Dawson and Jane

Oh Netflix, how I love thee. Last week I finished the entire series of Dawson's Creek. Really, it should have been called Joey's Creek because it seemed to be mostly about her. I'm pretty sure there were a couple episodes that didn't even have Dawson IN it. This was my first Dawson experience... even though the show had them graduate in 2001, which is exactly when I graduated, I was "younger" than those kids so I didn't "get" it back when the show was on.

Also thanks to Netflix, I've been watching a new show called Jane by Design. SO CUTE and ADORABLE and PRECIOUS and I CAN'T STOP WATCHING IT. It's about a girl still in high school that tries to get an internship for a fashion designer, but she's mistaken for someone else and lands a real job as the creative director's assistant. So now she's basically leading a double life so obviously, hilarity ensues. The acting's good, the storyline is fun, the characters are lovable.

And if you need another reason to watch it... watch it for Billy! He's SO SWEET it KILLS me.

So what has Netflix done for you lately? Have you watched either of these shows?


  1. I watched Jane by Design not to long ago, Team Billy all the way!

  2. love Netflix! I'm going through the first and only season of My So-Called Life, love it! And I remember watching Dawson's when I was in middle school, totally obsessed. Joey and Pacey forever!

  3. I never watched Dawson's Creek! Those kids were a little older than me, too. I think I did watch Party of Five for a while. Oh the memories!

  4. I've never been a Dawson watcher but i LOVE Jane By Design! Seriously, i would watch it just for her brother alone, who i LURVE! And also, the show makes me tolerate Andie McDowell (which is not an easy feat, since i don't like her)

  5. I absolutely love Jane By Design! Jane is just so cute! Love it. And I recently added Dawson to my Netflix queue, but I haven't actually had time to watch any episodes yet. :(