Monday, August 20, 2012

3-2-1-Contacts! Or Glasses?

This post will be a quick little poll about corrective eyewear. It's only been in the last handful of years that I've needed glasses. At first it was just for driving to make things in the distance sharper, but it seemed that the more I wore them, the worse my eyes got and FAST, so I started having to wear these glasses all the time or I'd feel cross-eyed without them. Lately I've been pretty active (tennis and kickboxing) and wearing glasses all the time just isn't practical. I'm considering contacts.

And I'm terrified.

Growing up with a BFF whose father is an optometrist, I only heard all the horror stories about eyes (because those are the exciting ones people remember), and several of these stories involved contacts. But they sound so convenient, I think I might be ready to suck it up and learn to shove something in my eye. People do it everyday, right?

Do you need help with your vision? Are you strictly in the glasses camp or do you use contacts too?  


  1. I wear both! I've had glasses since I was 8 and contacts since 14, and I love them both. I run and kickbox so contacts are a must and they are super easy. I use dailies which a little bit pricier BUT they don't collect germs like the ones that sit in solution for weeks or months. Put em in and then throw em out at the end of the day, easy peasy. The only horror story I've had is that my eyes were really dry one time and the contact wouldn't come off, but I put some eye drops in and everything was fine!

    1. Just got back from the eye dr and he's starting me in the monthly contacts. They feel super weird!! I also had a really hard time putting them in/taking them out ... I felt like an idiot in there hahaha. I'm sure it will get easier!

  2. I've never had to wear contacts or glasses. But I've been squinting a lot lately, which makes me think I need to schedule an eye exam. If I require some corrective eye gear, I think I'll stick to glasses -- the idea of contacts scares me!

  3. Aaron wore contacts for years and then he got Lasik. Best money we've ever spent! I'm not saying contacts are bad, but he was struggling with them drying out his eyes. I think it made it worse living in China with all the pollution. Is surgery an option for your specific vision problem?

  4. Both have pros and cons. Glasses are easy on and off. No sticking things in your eyes, which can make some folks quite squeamish. Glasses are easy to clean. At the very least you can rub them with your shirt. And bed time is a heck of a lot quicker when all you have to do is toss your glasses on your nightstand.

    But, glasses don't work so well in the shower, or when swimming. If they get scratched, or otherwise damaged, you have to wait awhile to replace them. I hope you have a spare pair. And what about sunglasses? Do you have a separate prescription pair, so you're constantly switching out one pair for the other? Or do you use clip-ons that can weigh your glasses down, causing them to slip on your nose?

    With contacts, no one has to know you're wearing them, so you won't get picked on. You can wear any sunglasses you want. You can see the pretty girls at the beach. You can see during sex!

    But, they are a pain in the ass to put in and take out. They can tear, so dailies are probably best, otherwise you may end up wearing one longer than the other, and longer than is recommended. If you don't you'll have one less than you need when your supply runs out.

    I've never had problems with dryness, but they do make drops for contacts.

    But the worst problem you will face is losing a contact somewhere in your eye socket. Don't worry, it's a closed system, so it can't go anywhere, it's just no fun fishing it out.

    Good luck!

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  6. I'd never wear contacts, I strictly wear glasses and always try to have me some fancy frames :PPP Currently wearing Emporio Armani and my optometrist has already ordered me Prada ones from Italy :PPP

  7. Yay on joining the dark side! Contacts are uncomfortable at first, but once you get used to them, it's SO NICE to be able to do athletic things, and see, without getting your glasses all sweaty.

    I still wear my frames from time to time to give my eyes a break...especially at night.


  8. I don't blame you for being hesitant. Just the idea of sticking something in my eye makes me so squeamish. Still, it does sound like it would be worth it for the convenience. Maybe they're better now than they were when you heard all those horror stories? Things have to have improved since then, right?

  9. I think glasses are better :-)
    And now a days you get good and light weight ones.