Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Breaking Bad (Habits)

Bad habits happen. I still hold my pen weird when I write, despite the efforts by teachers and my parents to set me straight. My hand doesn't like it the "right" way, so now after years of abuse I have a lovely impression on my right ring finger that's even misshapen my nail. And my handwriting is still just as hard to read as when I was in second grade. o_O

There are also bad habits in another form of writing: TYPING. Remember learning to type back in school? Well ... I retained that information incorrectly. I'm fast, but I know I'm not hitting the right keys with the right fingers. And my biggest problem with typing?? CAPS LOCK. For YEARS (and by years I mean from jr. high up until just LAST YEAR, people) I used the caps lock for ALL of my capital letter needs. That's right. Even for just the first letter at the beginning of a sentence or a name, I would hit caps lock, hit the letter, and hit caps lock again. Extremely inefficient and the source of much laughter when I typed in front of anyone. It took me a good six months or so to break the habit, but after much determination, I DID IT. I broke that sucker. Me and the shift key are tight now. We're like THIS *crosses fingers*.

Another habit I had to work really hard to break is the amount of space after a period. I thought two were standard, but not these days it seems. Only one space after the end of a sentence. ONLY ONE! Too bad half my book was written before I knew about THAT rule (and all of my older writings which I discovered recently when I pulled one back out to work on it). What a nightmare getting rid of all those extra spaces was, and training myself to hit space once instead of twice. But I broke that sucka bee too.

These broken habits may not seem like big deals to some of you, but I shall celebrate these victories. They were hard work! Have you broken any writing habits?


  1. Good job!

    You know, a trick for getting rid of the two-spaces in a document is to use the Find and Replace tool. Just type in two spaces and in the replace field, put in one space. It goes through the whole document for you! I'm sorry I didn't tell you that little tidbit when you might have needed it. :/

  2. Ohmigosh...ME TOO! That double space thing was like a revelation for me. I did the find and replace thing Amy mentioned, which was easy, but the HARD part was retraining my fingers NOT to hit the space twice. Think I finally have the hang of it now, but MAN, it was rough to "relearn" the right way to do it. :D

    1. Yes back when I had to change these pesky things, I'd tried the find and replace thing but it didn't work, then later realized all the nit-picky settings my version of Word has. Oh well! Habit broken and all's well! :)

  3. Wait, what? We're not supposed to use the Caps Lock key for just the first letter of sentences? O_O Uh... whoops. Me and the Shift key are not tight yet, but apparently we should be. Also, the whole "home key" thing that they tried to drum into me in school? (Fingers on the ASDF and the JKL) Yeah, didn't happen. But I type super fast, so maybe I've got the last laugh.

  4. you used two spaces after full stop??? LOL
    My editors would kill me if I ever did that :)
    They wanted to kill me when I gave them the translation of last book of ERAGON on 900 pages forgetting to put two or three stars between the chapters LOL