Thursday, August 2, 2012

When Critique Partners Finally Meet!

This post is a little late coming, but things in the querying world have been keeping me busy and insane, so that's my excuse. In June, I got to meet all of my critique partners/my best blogging buddies!

First, Amy from The Green Bathtub and her littlest came to Houston (for a rather sad reason, initially) and she stayed a night with me and hubs. The next day we went shopping where we felt underdressed at Tiffany's and chowed down on some froyo!

Then the next week, KM from One Page at a Time and Kristi Chestnutt came into town, and together we drove all over half of Texas (Houston, obviously, San Marcos, Canyon Lake, Boerne, San Antonio) and we went to the Writers' League of Texas Agent Conference in Austin where we pitched to agents for the first time!

KM, Kristi, me

We got a chance to meet up with Kim Franklin too, and we all went shopping at the largest outlet mall in Texas! It was a fabulous time to hang with the girls in person, and I can't wait until we're all together again! Maybe a book launch party for one of us?! A girl can dream! :)


  1. looks like you had a blast! Good to hear your querying process is keeping you busy!

  2. Adorbs! So happy for you that you got to meet your critique partners! I haven't met mine yet, but hopefully one day :D

  3. oooh, those are some gorgeous ladies :P

  4. Yay!! So fun to see these pics! I had so much fun seeing you and staying with you! Thank you again for taking me around and making the end of my sad trip so fun. :) And looking at that picture of us reminded me of that guy who took the picture. For some reason now I have his face stuck in my head! ha ha! :D

  5. That's cool, I really need to get to some of these conferences. Good luck on querying.

  6. Why am I just now seeing this?!?


    We have got to do this again! When are you coming to NC? :)