Thursday, March 28, 2013

mourning the loss of good television

I was a fan of Pushing Daisies from the very first episode. It's quirky, the characters are adorable, the premise is clever, the pies look delicious. Even the narrator's voice is perfect (I believe he's the same guy that did the Harry Potter audiobooks).

Recently, Chiller started playing the series IN ORDER, FROM THE BEGINNING. I mean, how cool is that? (It's on Tuesdays, by the way) I've fallen in love all over again, and I'm once again saddened that a brilliant show was canceled too soon. What was it that kept viewers from "getting it" when it aired the first time around? Was it just before its time? Were the characters not CUTE ENOUGH? (Not possible... )

Too often, good shows are forced to hurry and tie up all the loose ends in a whirlwind of sloppy writing (Life on Mars), or they just get canceled and we have no closure at all (Joan of Arcadia) until the movie finally gets made (Veronica Mars--YES, THEY'RE MAKING A MOVIE!!).

Maybe I shouldn't complain too much, though. Sometimes a good show lasts longer than expected, and the storyline suffers (I'm looking at you, Downton Abbey). I'd almost rather not know what's in a character's future than be disappointed by seeing it take a wrong turn.



  1. Oh look, you're blogging! LOL! Had to write pretty posts with such a pretty new design, eh? ;)

  2. I really enjoyed Pushing Daisies also. Wasn't aware that Chiller was showing the re-runs. Tanks! :)

  3. There are so many shows I've loved that ended too soon. Pushing Daisies is on that list as well.

  4. I completely agree with you about Downton. They should have ended it at season 3, imho. <3

    P.S. Love the new design!!